Gifts for pet owners

A number of pet owners love to pamper their furry four legged friends and often consider them members of the family. Cats and dogs in this new millennium are enjoying the benefits of a number of unique gift idea options aimed at their owners.

Dress to impress

A favorite unique gift idea of many pet owners is clothing – the sportier and cuter, the better. Dogs with short fur that live in cooler regions can look sporting with sport racing jackets that are reminiscent of something an athlete might wear. The jacket is warm and form fitting so movement is not restricting. Argyle or fishermen sweater styles are popular in addition to more avant-garde doggie wear in leopard or zebra print styles.

Cats are a bit more discerning but they do not totally shun outerwear. Fluffier cats are a bit harder to dress but the sleek and smooth cats have more options. Tanks, skirts, t-shirts and bandanas are great additions to the feline wardrobe.

Cool Accessories

One unique gift idea for dogs, especially the older dogs that may have arthritis, is a heated dog bed. A cozy bed filled with orthopedic foam has an added twist – a heating element that can be plugged in to give the pooch much needed warmth to prevent joints from stiffening during sleep.

Cats typically find any cozy place to sleep but what about providing a safe haven for scratching to save the owner's furniture. Functional (and clawable) wall art is an interesting and unique gift idea for cat owners as this wall art is specially made for kitty's claws. While the frame of the art piece is durable, the rest is degradable and replaceable once kitty totally demolishes it.

Standard gift ideas like collars and toys are great to give as gifts to pet owners. What translates them into a unique gift idea is all in the presentation or even materials used. Collars could be made from recyclable "green" materials or have dazzling style with rhinestones or charms. Balls perfect for playing fetch that not only float but also are lightly scented to keep dogs attracted to the ball are also popular. Choosing the offbeat, unique gift idea for pet owners is the "purrfect" pet pampering way to go.