Pet lover gifts

If you have an animal or pet lover in your midst, unique gift ideas for holidays and other special occasions is a must. You may not understand why a pet lover keeps a house full of cats, or a dog that chews furniture, but presents for pets show that you support their soft spot for furry creatures. If you aren’t an animal lover you may not know where to start, so here is a list of unique gift ideas for pet lovers:

  • Think bling-bling! Many pet owners love jeweled or glittery pet accessories. There are collars and harnesses in a myriad of styles to fit any size cat or dog. Add more sparkle by purchasing matching leashes.
  • Skip the usual stuffed mouse for remote control cat toys instead. These toys allow owners to control the movement. Both owner and cat can enjoy these toys for hours.
  • Help your pet lover get inside the mind of their pet. Many kits come with quizzes and exercises pet lovers can perform with their pets. Some kits even come with special glasses your animal lover can wear which allow them see things exactly as their pet does.
  • Truly unique gift ideas for pet lovers include pet clothes and items that protect pets from bad weather. You can find most any type of pet clothing: dresses, vests, t-shirts, diapers, bathing suits, sweaters and more. Weather related items include ponchos, water resistant shoes and umbrellas that attach to the animal.
  • Home-baked pet treats are unique gift ideas for pet lovers and their pets.
  • Pet food cookbooks are great for the pet lover that loves to cook, and is also picky about what their four-legged babies eat.
  • Homemade bread and a jar of preserves or jam. The rule for food gifts is to tell the hostess the gift is something she can enjoy later at her leisure. The hostess should not feel obligated to share her food gift with her party guests.

Going to a pet store can inspire other unique gift ideas for pet lovers. Just be warned; shopping for pet gifts can be addictive whether you own a pet or not.