Gifts for new moms

When a close friend or family member becomes a new mom, it’s time to come up with some really unique gift ideas. Bottles, diapers, blankets and bibs are certainly necessary and make nice gifts, but for an extra special new mom something beyond the basics is required.

A new mom needs pampering. She needs it before and after the arrival of her precious little one. She also needs all the extra help she can get, especially during those first few weeks at home with a new baby. A gift that does all of this is not only unique and practical but much appreciated by a new mom.

One of the best unique gift ideas for a new mother is the gift of time. Nothing is as life changing as caring for a new baby. In addition to the usual cooking and cleaning chores, new moms face tons of laundry and a hectic schedule of keeping baby fed and changed--all while suffering from sleep deprivation.

Having a good friend, neighbor or family member come in to help with chores is a useful and practical gift any new mom can appreciate. A gift certificate from a house cleaning agency or diaper and laundry service can also help a new mother find the gift of more time. When ordinary chores are taken care of and the house is clean and neat, mom will feel more relaxed and free to enjoy her baby.

Another gift idea for new moms that frees up time is to preparing and delivering a meal or two for the family. Casseroles that can be reheated make excellent gifts. They are a lifesaver for any new mom dealing with a hectic day. Another way to provide food is by giving gift certificates. There are many available from a wide variety of places whether it's take out, a nice restaurant or even the local pizza delivery place.

When it comes to pampering a new mom, it really doesn’t take much to get the job done. The overwhelming experience of life with a new baby makes a new mom appreciative of even the smallest pampering gesture.

An aromatherapy candle and a few solitary moments can do wonders to perk up a weary mother. A gift certificate for a trip to a spa, a pedicure or a massage promises a special treat. These pampering ideas are also unique gift ideas to give before the baby comes.

When asked about their favorite new-mom gifts, seasoned mothers probably won’t name blankets, diapers, bottles or flowers. Instead, they remember gifts that helped them adjust to their new life with a baby. They remember feeling so grateful that someone offered to do laundry, cook a meal or babysit older children.

Unique gift ideas for new moms don't need to be wrapped in elegant paper with pretty bows. The gifts that are remembered for years to come are those that help give a new mom more time and energy to take for herself and her family.