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Kids love getting gifts but it is so hard to stand out against the technological revolution of computers, hand-held video games and gaming consoles. The best unique gift idea you can give them is the gift of personalization. Play to a child's sense of identity and the need to have something all their own they do not have to share, particularly with siblings. Choose a gift with their name on it and they will hang onto it far after they may have outgrown it.

Young Children – Boys and Girls

Toddlers love bright colors and manipulating objects so a great personalized unique gift idea you can follow through with is the gift of a wooden jigsaw puzzle painted in bright colors that spells out their name. Other personalized items with the name on them that would please your boy or girl toddler include a beach towel with their favorite cartoon or superhero character, a teddy bear, or even a pencil and sticker set.

Tween to Teen Girls

Jewelry is often on a girl's wish list and what better unique gift idea you can consider than a cute charm bracelet engraved with her name? A delicate locket with her engraved name to hang around her neck is another option. Clothing-wise, a sweater, sport hoodie or a plush robe with the girl's name embroidered on it are also popular choices.

Tween to Teen Boys

Rough and tumble boys love sports and all it entails. Indulge their love for baseball with this unique gift idea – a Louisville Slugger baseball bat with their name burned into the wood. Football lovers would probably like a personalized football jersey to wear to school or when hanging out with friends. Karate rising stars will get a kick out of a custom-made display case with an engraved nameplate for their belt achievements.

Great Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

One particularly good unique gift idea starts with the feet – it's all about customized shoes. Several major shoe manufacturers like Nike and Converse offer personalized shoe options for its customers. Sleeping bags, backpacks, lunch kits, bean bag chairs, and duffels personalized with a screen printed or embroidered name is just the ticket for a winning gift.

Seek a unique gift idea by determining the child's interests whether it is sports, music, reading, or even just playing board games. Virtually anything can be personalized with a name on it and the medium determines how the name is placed. Give the gift that keeps on giving – something with the child's name on it that no one else can have.