House warming gifts

Been invited to a house warming party and have no clue about choosing a gift? How much should you spend? Do they already have what you are thinking of buying? Trying to figure out what to get someone as a house-warming gift can give you a big headache. A lot depends on how well you know the people, their likes and dislikes. Unique gifts for a house warming are always appreciated. Being inquisitive and asking friends and family if the recipient looking for anything special helps.

Home d├ęcor is one way to go. You should keep in mind that people often change their decorating style when moving into a new home. Picture frames are unique gifts for a housewarming, but individual tastes will determine whether this gift is displayed prominently in the new home or stuffed away in back of the closet.

Mood candles make unique gifts for a house warming. Rather than choosing ordinary run-of-the-mill candles, consider giving a specialty candle instead. Specialty candles enhance your mood and make a good gift; especially if you create a bath gift basket including the candles for a soothing and relaxing gift idea.

Gift baskets of all kinds make unique gifts for a house warming, especially one filled with useful kitchen items. Include things like olive oil, vinaigrettes, spices, specialty coffees, teas, gourmet cheeses and crackers. Buy a nice basket large enough to hold the items you purchased. Instead of tissue or grass, use a new terry dishtowel and kitchen cloths to line it and mix in with the items.

If you don't know what to get, you can always give a gift certificate to a favorite store or gift shop. They can get what they really want, and you will know that your gift is appreciated.