Eco friendly gifts

Going "green" is no longer a fad but a way of life for millions of people and this movement is growing. Coming up with a unique gift idea that is eco-friendly and useful can be quite a challenge. Discover the gift recipient's passions in life; whether it is cooking, camping, reading or indulging in some outdoor adventure, there are "green" choices out there.

Create Happy Campers

Camping is a favorite outdoor activity and there are countless gadgets and tools that can be quite useful. One unique gift idea that provides several creature comforts in a totally green way is the solar powered tent. With small solar panels that click into place, they charge by day to provide hours of interior lighting as well as the capability to charge batteries as needed.

A solar-powered lighter can be quite handy at the campground or backpacking. Using parabolic shaped reflective material, this lighter harnesses the sun's energy to a focal point to create a spark that can be used for building a fire.

Green Kitchen Aids

The kitchen is the ultimate playground for amateur bakers and chefs. If you need a unique gift idea for an aspiring cook, how about a set of bamboo cooking utensils? Bamboo is a tough wood-like material that is a sustainable, renewable resource. The bamboo is also a great material for cutting boards and bowls too.

For the amateur chef who enjoys growing their own herbs, consider the unique gift idea of a kitchen composter. This composter is a great way to use every scrap of organic material that would otherwise go to waste in the kitchen such as vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, and even egg shells. The macrobiotic material in the composter can then be mixed into garden soil for a nutritiously rich medium in which to grow your herbs and vegetables.

For every passion in life, there is a green way of approaching it. Research your unique gift idea by considering anything made from organic or recycled materials. Cotton, chocolate, coffee, and tea grown without pesticides or chemicals and can claim organic status are appropriate generic gifts for the greenie in your life. Be sure to look for the green environmentally friendly labels on the packaging of anything you buy to know you are getting the real deal.