Grandparents gifts

There are some unique gift ideas you can give long distance grandparents that help them stay plugged into the lives of their grandchildren. Technology truly comes to the rescue of people trying to maintain family ties—even those that live miles apart from each other.

Here is a list of unique gift ideas you can give long distance grandparents that will help foster the grandparent/grandchild relationship:

If the grandparents in your family don’t have a computer, purchase an inexpensive, basic computer for them. Set up an email account and show them how to use it. Having a computer and an email account will enable everyone to keep in touch on a day-to-day or weekly basis.

Webcams are also a great gadget for grandparents to have when their grandchildren are growing. Webcams help grandparents feel close because they can see their grandchildren face-to-face. Grandparents love to see new hair cuts, lost teeth, braces and other things that are unique to children.

Fax machines are great for grandparents, too. Fax machines can be used to receive copies of pictures or drawings a child has made, as well as copies of grade cards or special reports a child may have written.

Other unique gift ideas for long distance grandparents include: cell phones, digital cameras and photography software. Create a family blog and add regularly. There are also memberships to genealogy sites are also big hits with grandparents.

Use all of the latest technological advances to your advantage. Use the holidays and other special occasions to find unique gift ideas that’ll keep grandparents and grandchildren close.