Gifts for teachers

When a student likes a certain teacher, a plain, ordinary gift just won’t do. Finding unique gift ideas for teachers can become challenging for students and parents who want to send a sincere message of appreciation.

Many teachers already have a closet full of coffee mugs and “apple for the teacher” items. They probably can’t remember who gave what. A practical and unique gift would be appreciated and make a lasting impression.

Teachers lead busy lives. Any gift that will make them feel pampered is always appreciated. If the teacher is a coffee or tea drinker, they would enjoy a specialty package that they might buy for themselves. A gift certificate for a spa treatment or massage is another gift idea any teacher would enjoy.

Nearly everyone loves to receive delicious homemade goodies. They make unique gift ideas for teachers since they may not have time to make many special treats themselves. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant, or even the local pizza place, can come in handy after a long, tiring day.

Teachers often spend their own money on supplies for the classroom. A gift of paper clips, pens, pencils, sticky notes and other useful items is also an excellent choice. The items can be arranged in an inexpensive basket along with a few sweet treats, an aromatherapy candle or a gift certificate to a teacher supply store.

Elementary students typically have one main classroom teacher, while high school students have a different teacher for each subject. Since elementary students buy gifts for only one teacher, a unique gift idea would involve one or more parents pooling the funds from all students to give one large gift. The teacher will appreciate the thought and effort and the extra-special gift.

When looking for a unique gift ideas for a special teacher, think about any interests or hobbies she or he might enjoy when selecting your gift. If he or she likes to read, consider giving a gift certificate from a popular bookstore. Tuck in a special bookmark as a finishing touch. A teacher who works out at the gym might enjoy some accessories such as water bottles or monogrammed hand towels.

The most unique gift ideas for a special teacher reflect the thought and care in selecting the right gift. Memories of that unique gift will last for many years to come.