Party hostess gifts

You’ve been invited to a party or holiday celebration and you’re stumped about what hostess gift to bring. Does that scenario sound familiar? Before you opt for the usual gifts of flowers or wine, why not choose some unique gift ideas? Hostess gifts don’t have to break the bank and coming up with unique gift ideas is easy.

The key to brainstorming unique gift ideas for a party hostess is thinking about things she can use long after the party is over. Personalizing a gift shows your appreciation for her hard work. Here is a list of unique gift ideas to consider:

  • Aromatherapy candles placed in a decorative gift basket with body lotion and bubble bath.
  • Picture frames for a budding photographer.
  • Cook books are great hostess gifts for trying new recipes.
  • Splurge on chocolates you would never buy for yourself.
  • A mug and a selection of gourmet teas or coffee wrapped nicely or placed in a reusable gift basket.
  • A small plant for a woman who loves nature.
  • Homemade bread and a jar of preserves or jam. The rule for food gifts is to tell the hostess the gift is something she can enjoy later at her leisure. The hostess should not feel obligated to share her food gift with her party guests.
  • CDs, DVDs and books. Ask around and find out if there is any music, movies or books your hostess has been wanting. Purchase something you know she would enjoy, whether you would enjoy it or not.
  • Gift certificates are always appreciated. Purchase certificates to a bath and body store, coffee shop, bookstore, restaurant or a craft store for a creative hostess.

When you consider all the time a hostess takes to plan and prepare for a party, coming up with unique gift ideas is a piece of cake in comparison! Show your hostess you appreciate her hospitality and effort by bearing a thoughtful gift she will truly appreciate.