Gifts for parents

Kids usually do not having paying jobs and therefore rely on money from the parents to buy presents. However, there is one perfectly unique gift idea that kids can give to parents that costs nothing but time and that is the gift of themselves. A child's time and thoughtfulness means so much to parents, especially when everyone's life is so busy.

The unique gift idea of time does have one basic rule though kids must adhere to for it to be special. This gift of self does not mean kids can count their normal chores and the things they should already be doing around the house. Instead, kids should choose activities that parents normally handle, not part of chores that they themselves could handle.

Ideas to consider

If a kid is not old enough to mow the grass, perhaps weeding the flower beds, sweeping the grass off the driveway and sidewalk, raking leaves, or watering the plants are possible yard work activities. Washing the family vehicles is another option as is washing the house windows from the outside.

Kids can take charge of meals even if they cannot cook, especially when it comes to preparing sandwiches and salad or reheating leftovers in the microwave. Taking care of the dinner hour from setting the table to clearing is a wonderful unique gift idea that tired parents will truly appreciate.

Cleaning activities beyond the traditional chores are options too. While scrubbing the toilets, bathtubs or showers is not typical kid chores, they are easy to do which leaves one less thing on a parent's to-do list. Folding laundry, cleaning up after the family pet, vacuuming the rugs and dusting are other service activities the parents will appreciate.

Kids should draw special coupons with each service on one coupon, redeemable as the parents see fit. Creating a homemade card to accompany the service coupons is the perfect unique gift idea that kids can easily do without needing money – and the gesture means so much to the parents too. It's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.