Gifts for newlyweds

When searching for that perfect gift for a special couple, a crock-pot just doesn’t seem special enough. Newlyweds that are close family members, or lifelong friends, deserve a unique gift idea. Many wedding gifts rarely get used and end up in the linen closet.

Here’s a gift idea for newlyweds that is unique, won’t cost a lot of money and will endear the giver to the special couple for years to come. Everyone has to eat--even newlyweds. Consider giving the new bride and groom a gift of their favorite recipes. There are several different ways to package and present them, depending on the resources and creativity of the giver.

Collect the recipes from someone who knows the couple well enough to have access to their favorite dishes. Contact the mothers of both the bride and groom and ask them for recipes.

Include favorites dating all the way back to childhood for a special touch. Most moms have this information. Request the recipes in advance. This gives your contacts plenty of time to compile the information.

Once the recipes are collected, they need to be converted into a suitable format for gift giving. There are several possibilities ranging from very simple to elaborate. A simple approach involves printing or hand-writing the recipes on standard recipe cards. The cards can be packaged in a cute recipe box.

You could also try compiling the recipes into a book by printing them on paper and securing them in an attractive, little, three-ring binder. A fancy stand can display it on the kitchen counter. The user just flips to the desired recipe.

Make this unique gift even more endearing by personalizing the recipe names. A childhood favorite of the bride’s might be called “Mary’s Favorite First Cookies” or “Richard’s School Cake” could reflect the groom’s fond memories of a particular dessert served in the school cafeteria.

Any new bride and groom would feel honored by a gift that makes a personal statement. Knowing that the giver has invested so much love, time and effort into collecting and assembling their favorite recipes will make this unique gift idea for newlyweds a treasured one for many years to come.