Gifts for bosses

Have you ever needed to find a unique gift for your boss or a co-worker for a special occasion? Instead of buying the same old thing, why not give them something special that will always remind them of you? There are many different ways to congratulate someone on a job promotion, or celebrate a special day or time in their lives.

Hand painted rocks are a unique gift idea. They can be given for almost any occasion. Since they are hand painted, the designs or pictures on them can be something with special meaning for the recipient.

First do a little research on the person receiving the gift. If it is a casual gift celebrating a promotion or other occasion, make sure you quiz them about their likes and dislikes. There are many different directions you can take when deciding how to paint a rock.

Painted rocks are great for many different uses: as a paperweight on a desk, a doorstop or even displayed on an easel or a shelf.

Wildlife paintings are a good idea if the recipient likes to commune with nature, is an avid hunter, fisherman, enjoys camping or just loves the outdoors. If the recipient is a hunter with a hunting dog, have a picture of the dog’s breed painted. If they like to fish, choose a painting of the type of fish they enjoy fishing for the most. You can also give a painting of a wildlife scene.

Some people love plants, flowers and gardening. Consider painting a picture of their favorite flower on a rock.

Some people favor specific numbers or symbols signifying something important. The numbers might be a special date like a wedding day, or birth date of a child with the child’s name on it. The list of occasions that could go on a hand painted rock is endless.

If you want a simple design, you could paint it yourself. Choose a design and put it to paper first. Then go hunting for a rock that fits the size of your project.

If you prefer not to paint the rock yourself, you can find an artist in your surrounding area that does similar work and would be willing to do it instead.