Gifts for any occasion

Need a great gift for someone special? Does this person consider themselves a connoisseur of different beers or wines? You could always buy them a membership to a wine or beer club. Depending on the type of membership you purchase, you could have a gift delivered one time or once a month for the next three, six, nine or even 12 months throughout the next year.

Maybe they consider themselves a gourmet cook and love certain types of food. There are businesses that specialize in shipping, special cuts of meats, wide assortments of seafood and many other food products at very reasonable rates.

There are a variety of products available that would make unique gifts for any occasion. For example, you can find cookie and cake mixes in a fancy jar or bag. One good place to look for these types of items is your local craft store. You can also choose from various specialty spices, vinaigrettes and gourmet mixes. Or buy a few of these items along with other spices, dishtowels and herbs to make a unique basket to give as a gift.

Better yet if you have a favorite cookie or cake recipe, make up your own special mixes in jars. Make sure to leave out any wet ingredients like butter or oil. Layer the different dry ingredients so they show from the outside of the jar. Cut circles out of fabric attaching them to each jar by tying a peace of ribbon or twine around the top. Be sure to also attach a recipe card to each jar with instructions on how to make your famous treats. This makes a unique gift idea for any occasion. Your friends or family members will love it and thank you over and over for sharing your recipes.