Flowers from garden

Are you searching for a unique gift idea for a special friend? Do you have a wonderful flower garden? Why not give some of your beautiful flowers as a gift?

You can give fresh flowers as a gift choosing from an assortment of whatever is in bloom at the time. You can also preserve flowers to give as gifts throughout the year.

There are several ways to preserve flowers. Air drying or hanging is the easiest method. For a bouquet, be sure to pick an assortment of different flowers so that you have a wide variety of color and texture. First remove the leaves. Make an assorted bunch of flowers (not too large) and tie them together. Finally, hang them upside down in an area where they will be undisturbed while they are drying. Attics, closets or pantries are a few good places. Avoid basements or anywhere that it may be humid. This process can take one to two weeks or more, depending on the types of flowers used.

Pressing flowers is another way to preserve them for a unique gift idea. An old phone book will work. Spread your flowers between the pages making sure they do not overlap. Make sure you have at least one half inch of book pages between the different layers. You can also use newspaper. Keep in mind that pressing flowers loses all relief detail and everything will be flat. Once dried you can do several things with them like make greeting cards or decorate a gift package. The ideas are limitless.

Glycerin is another way to preserve flowers. Mix two parts warm water to one part glycerin and then insert the flowers as you would into a vase of water. They absorb the chemicals, a process that takes two to three weeks. Remove them from the solution and hang them upside down for about a week. They will be beautifully preserved and will make a great gift.

You can also dry flowers in sand, silica sand, or homemade mixtures consisting of equal portions of cornmeal and 20 Mule Team Borax with three tablespoons of non-iodized salt. Store the flowers in the solution in a warm area for approximately two weeks. You can also find a silica gel used for drying flowers in most garden centers.

Once you have dried your flowers by whatever method you choose, you can use them in a multitude of ways as gifts for your friends and family. A very unique gift idea!