Experience Gifts

Coming up with a unique gift idea for the person who has everything is challenging. Fortunately, a rapidly growing trend in the gift industry provides a solution to this problem. The experience gift offers an exciting new concept in gift giving providing the recipient an opportunity to participate in an unusual adventure or fantasy. Although these gifts aren’t for everyone, most people find them fun, entertaining and even educational.

The activities an experience gift offers are as varied as the imagination. Some are exciting and exhilarating while others are calm and relaxing. The experiences available are unique to each season, certain locations and specific age groups, such as children and teenagers. With something to fit every type of personality, age group and pocket book, experience gifts offer the ultimate in gift giving.

Some of the most popular gift experiences include racecar driving, helicopter flying lessons, skydiving, a walking food tour or a relaxing day at a spa. Other activities include chartered sailing excursions, glass blowing workshops, being a fighter pilot for a day, gourmet cooking lessons, romantic dinner cruises and even religious gift experiences.

If the gift giver isn’t sure about what type of experience to give, there are gift cards available that allow the recipient to choose the experience. The choosing and actual booking of the experience are done at the convenience of the recipient.

Some restrictions apply to certain experiences. Maximum and minimum requirements concerning age, height, weight and health status may be imposed to ensure safety.

As you may expect, giving an experience gift can be quite expensive. Although there are gifts available to fit almost any budget. The cost of an experience gift can range anywhere from 50 dollars to 50 thousand dollars, depending on the nature and location of the experience. Some experiences won’t be available in certain locations because of their unique requirements.

An experience gift can truly make a recipient's fantasy come true. While the experience may only last a day, the memories created by this unique gift idea are certain to last for a lifetime.